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Question Time

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Question Time

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:20 am

Classes were over for the day and finally Fiona was free. She wasted no time in dumping her books in her dorm room and racing off down stairs into the big outdoors. The last signs of winter had pass away and spring had clearly arrived. Even the signs of older students holding hands counted in her mind. She didn't understand it but to her way of thinking that was part of the season of spring.

Right now though she needed something else. A distraction or a bit of fun. Or perhaps both. The first year patted down the pockets of her uniform and failed to find what she was looking for. Well that was just brilliant. Now what was she to do? She sighed and looked around for something else to do. Even a classmate to speak to. Everyone though appeared to have vanished. It was going to have to be an older student.

Fiona swallowed. Those older students always made her nervous. She had no trouble speaking to anyone her own age or any older people she already knew. Those older students were scary things. A complete unknown. She had to overcome this fear. It would not do her any good later.

The eleven year old sighed and closed her eyes. The first student her eyes laid upon when she opened them again would be the one she'd introduce herself to. Upon opening she quickly closed them again. Best of three? Two was the same person. Three. The same person again. Why did it have to be him?

She straightened her shoulders and walked straight up to the fifth year. "Hello. Could I ask you a question? It won't take me long?" She could feel the quivering in her shoes but Fiona hoped her face looked confident.


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