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Behind The Sea

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Behind The Sea

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:01 pm

Finlay was having a slow, boring Sunday, as he had finished all of his school work, and decided with the lovely weather outdoors he would make a trip to the palace lake. He had been feeling homesick for the lochs of his hometown in Edinburgh, Scotland and wanted to get at least a little of the feeling of tranquility the water had always brought him. When he was home alone and his mother on some sort of business trip he would travel down to his manor's small lake and skip stones, and currently he was searching for some smooth stones to do so with. He found a good one, flat and speckled with white bits and plunk, it barely skipped once before sinking to the depths. His second try, dark and smooth, fared much better, skipping three times and he was on his way to spending all afternoon alone at the lake, content and silent but for the sound of skipping stones.


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