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All the Squirrels of France

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All the Squirrels of France

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:30 am

Marie-Laure was rather quickly learning to hate Herbology. Her essays were not good and her pratical work was even worse. The lesson just gone was yet another disaster and the Belgian girl now walked slowly away from the greenhouses. She wasn't in a hurry to face anyone after almost killing a plant. The witch stopped as she saw what she thought was an amazing sight. Any further thought of her failure had fled her mind.

Right near a group of trees close to the greenhouses were a congregating group of red squirrels. A frown came onto her freckled face as she stared at them in puzzlement. She may not have many opportunities to see squirrels back home but she did know enough about squirrels to know what she saw was not normal squirrel behaviour. A group project she did in her old school had given her enough information to know this was the wrong time of day for them to be out and they rarely if ever congregated like that anyway. Was it some magical effect of the school. Or...She glanced around and caught sight of a nearby student. "Hey," she called out, "do you think they're real squirrels or some magical equivalent?" At this school she supposed anything was possible.


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