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Homework and Spills

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Homework and Spills

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:50 pm

Cassandra always enjoyed going to the pub and thought it was the perfect place to study and read. She ordered a butterbeer and began to work on homework. It was her goal to make sure she did her best in school. Once her homework was done, she decided to walk around a little. It was good to take a break from her work and enjoy herself.

While she was walking around, she was sipping her butterbeer, her homework was safely in her bag. It was getting to be a bit crowded, Cassie noticed. Next thing she knew, she was being pushed into someone, a young boy, and her drink was all over him and her. "I'm so sorry! I was bumped into!" Then the thought came to her, she had to check on her homework. She opened her bag, her homework was ruined. She would have to start all over. "My homework!" It was going to take more time to redo her homework and all she wanted was a break.


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