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Meet the Shopkeeper

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Meet the Shopkeeper

Post by Minister Gallifrey on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:40 pm

Tiberius Williamson

An absent-minded man with his heart resting away from his job, Mr. Tiberius Williamson had happened upon the job by chance and has remained because he had no where else to go and eventually came to owning the shop. His fashion sense may seem a bit off, preferring more eccentric styles without any guarantee that everything is going to match correctly and clothes are most definitely not his first passion. The man spends his free time as the frontman of a band doomed to fail.

He tries to keep his shop in order, but somewhat lets things wander and rest in the place that he claims they want to be in. Nonetheless, perhaps if you ask nicely enough and offer him a coffee, the man will help a customer poke through the already-used robes to find one that might just fit, though probably not. But hey! It's cheaper than buying robes at the full price, right?

The Giant Squid of Anger

Credit to theMonsterGirlofMonsters of Tumblr
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