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A Conversation By A Lake

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A Conversation By A Lake

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:37 pm

Charon sighed as he waved Lucy as she walked away, a soft smile on his lips. He laid down, yawning, letting the sun shine down. The second week of his new life at Beauxbatons had been just as wonderful as the first, and now he had a Saturday to spend however he wanted, it was perfect. He looked up and saw his other best friend Paige approaching, he was decently upset that they hadn't ended up in the same house together, but who's to say if they did that he'd end up so close to Lucy, he sat with Lucy in potions, herbology, and history of magic, and with Paige during muggle studies and charms . He smiled at Paige as she came over.


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