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Writing Letters

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Writing Letters

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:29 pm

It was time for Payton to write to his family. Of course, each sibling would get their own letter. So, he he went to the Owlery with his supplies and started to write. It was only the beginning of school, but he already had so much to tell his family. Like how Sawyer and him had pulled the most amazing prank using a sleeping potion and a bucket of water. But he also wanted to tell them that he had tried out for Quidditch, the sport he had talked about none stop over the summer. He probably annoyed his siblings to death about it.

He also wanted to talk about all the friends he had made and how awesome school was going. He was passing all his classes with excellent grades and was very proud. He told them how he wanted to be the seeker for his house and told them to wish him good luck.

By the time he had gotten to Cherry's letter, his hand was starting to cramp and he had to take a break.


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