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Attention to Detail

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Attention to Detail

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:35 am

Blue silk sounded like a very strange sort of material for a uniform. It was lovely but it still sounded extremely odd. For once Marie-Laure was completely unaccompanied by her father. The owner of a menswear store appeared to be strangely uncomfortable about being there whilst his daughter was being fitted for her school uniform. Marie-Laure thought that very odd considering this shop obviously catered to everyone. Wouldn't he want to compare the men's fashion to what he sold back home? She shrugged off that thought and armed with the money needed entered the shop.

The store inside was like no other clothing store she'd ever entered before. As far as Marie-Laure knew Brussels did provide a store quite like this one at all in the city. She would have loved to linger but she knew she had to get moving or they would be late back to the train station.

Soon enough she found the girls' uniforms and was being fitted properly. This was so much like fitting sessions with Aunt Solange who believed in making sure a garment fitted as perfectly as possible. Would she be upset that Marie-Laure had her fitting done in-store instead of after she arrived home? The young girl hoped not. She hated to hurt her aunt's feelings. The girl glanced over at another figure being fitted as well but she really had no topics of conversation to bring up. Instead she focused on what she believed to be the most elegant looking uniform she'd ever seen.


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