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Sickle Roll

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:20 am

Goblins were creepy looking and Marie-Laure fairly well shivered as she watched them counting out coins and exchanging normal money for the much heavier currency used by wizards. She pulled one of the coins, a sickle according to papa and studied it closely. How did people manage with carrying such heavy coinage? They'd make an awful lot of noise and catch the attention of pickpockets wouldn't they?

She moved to return the coin back to her pocket and misjudged the space. The coin slipped through her fingers and rolled across the floor. "Help me stop that coin," she called out as she raced after it. Papa was going to be very upset with her when he found out she hadn't stayed where he told her to whilst he was exchanging money so he could buy her a broom. However,she thought he'd be just as upset if she lost one of these coins. She had no clue about the exchange rate between euros and this wizarding money and Marie-Laure didn't want to risk losing any money.


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