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No Regrets

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No Regrets

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:11 am

Hearing that they would learn how to fly was the first thing to make Marie-Laure excited about attending Beauxbatons. A flying dream become reality. Minus the bicycle of course. Instead it would be a broom. From the looks of the prices though she supposed it would mean another trip to the bank and thus an opportunity to see these goblins she'd heard about. There was no way Marie-Laure would miss out on that. First though was the choice of broom so that they would know just how much money they would need.

As she entered the shop with 'broomsticks' in its name she looked around in bewilderment. This was more than broomsticks. it included what she could only think was a sport. "Quidditch," she whispered as she tried out the odd word. That was something which for reasons she could not understand intrigued her and the girl moved around the store to look at more than just broomsticks. There were books on this strange new game and Marie-Laure was quick to pick one such book up. She flipped to the back of it as was her habit and glanced down the last page before turning to the front. Papa would have to agree to get this for her. It was a way of finding out if she could fit into a foreign world. If she didn't learn how to fly or play this new sport she was bound to regret it and Marie-Laure did not like to live with regrets.

With the book now under her arm she decided it was time to do what she came to do and that was to look at these brooms. Maybe even ask someone else. That was exactly what she did as she moved to tug on a nearby person's sleeve. "Excuse me. Could you tell me which broom you would recommend for a beginner?"


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