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Note it all Down

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Note it all Down

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:49 am

Potion ingredients in fiction matched potion ingredients in reality. There on display throughout the shop were the stuff of literature. Marie-Laure's eyes darted left and right as she read labels and saw jars and powders and dried herbs. Did people really drink potions made from these ingredients? How did they stop themselves from getting sick?

There really wasn't enough time to contemplate this new reality. She had to collect the cauldron and potions and other equipment listed in her letter. The eleven year old moved in further and located the cauldrons. They were so much smaller than the stories which was a good thing since she otherwise would have no way of being able to move one. The girl picked up one as described and then moved on to where she thought she might see the supplies she would need.

"What sorts of potions are made with these things?" she asked a nearby person. The stories were always about horrible effects but Marie-Laure needed facts not fiction. And any information would have to be recalled so she could note them down on paper. None of that parchment and quills she would have to write with at the school. Really old fashioned stuff that.


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