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Waltz Around The Wurlitzer

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Waltz Around The Wurlitzer Empty Waltz Around The Wurlitzer

Post by Madeline Puchard on Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:30 am

The world outside Cheval looked quite different from how wizards lived their lives. Madi hadn't used to be well-versed in both magic and muggle technology, but since joining college, she was getting the hang of things. This school year had left her with a small course load, leaving her plenty of time to split between quidditch and exploring the muggle side of Paris.

That night, a couple friends convinced her to go out to a a little pub with promises that they'd buy her drinks. She found it a rather silly location with eclectic objects and paintings everywhere. It was half restaurant and bar, but half-building-for-socializing. There were plenty of muggles participating in some kind of trivia game with a television and many playing billards, which Madi had learned was popular at parties.

She'd maybe had two drinks when she started feeling braver and noticed the wooden machine. It was some kind of machine inside a box with gaudy, color-changing lights. Thick plastic disks could be viewed through a glass portion in the center. There were speakers facing her on the front of the jukebox and Madi was surprised when the machine started moving on its own, like it was choosing a song to play.

The young woman knew she was taking up space when she felt a presence not too far behind. "Pardon me! You can go first," she said, taking a step to the side. "I was just looking at this thing. It's ancient!"
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