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Post by Oliver Clark on Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:26 pm

It had been some time since Oliver had moved to France and he was pretty content with where he was in life. Jobs were still lining up, it seemed like there was no end. As much as he enjoyed cameras in front of him, he favored performing on stage. He could see and hear people's reactions to his acting instead of reading about them. He liked to live in the moment, not caring about the past or the future. Everything that mattered was happening in the present. Most people would take that as an opportunity to be an asshole and not apologize about it, not Oliver. He was a gentleman. He accepted roles and denied them, not really caring whether or not it flopped or not. He picked roles that he would enjoy or challenged him. On more than one occasion though he had denied a role that turned out to be a success. Instead of being bitter about it, he praised the people who had taken the roles he had denied. He was a pretty easy guy to get along with and he was very supportive of the people he worked with.

He did have a bit of a reputation though when it came to hookups and costars. What could he say, he liked sex. He wasn't one to stay in a relationship for long, which meant he was branded a bad boy in the eyes of the media. But that wasn't him at all, he just didn't like commitment. He had always expressed his intentions to whoever he was seeing and if they didn't agree then he wouldn't mess around with them. He didn't have many notches on his belt but the media had a way of blowing things out of proportion and they claimed he had more hookups than he had actually had. There were a few articles of him being a heartbreaker, which wasn't the case at all. He never hurt anyone that he had slept with because he always made sure to express this was a one-time thing. Or if you were one of his favorites, a few times thing. He didn't really care what the press had to say about him, he just wanted to focus on his acting.

We'd like to clear up a few things, the interview in front of him said. She was a beautiful young woman, which he assumed they did on purpose. You have a bit of a reputation surrounding you. Would you like to clear the air a bit?

He cleared his throat before speaking. He had been over this quite a few times and he always said the same thing over and over. "Well, you see, I've never hurt anyone. Everyone that I've had sexual relations with has known there would be no strings attached. I have never hooked up with someone that didn't agree to those rules. I keep everything very professional with everyone and I would like it if people were professional with me. My sex life has nothing to do with my acting."

Who are some of the people you've shared a bedroom with? she continued, totally ignoring the fact that he wanted to change the subject to his acting.

"It's no one's concerns except mine. Now, can we please talk about my upcoming movie?"
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