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Term 33 Round I

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Term 33 Round I Empty Term 33 Round I

Post by Professor Bowen on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:43 am

The weather was rainy and muddy outside. One of the worst conditions to play Quidditch. But once a game was scheduled, Professor Bowen never canceled. Not in any of the years she had been at Beauxbatons. Quidditch was her passion and she would attend a game in any weather. It was nice to see students as passionate about Quidditch as she was. It was a bit chilly outside so it was advised to wear warm clothing, anyone without a jacket would be foolish. She could recall all the years she had couched Quidditch, she loved every game that was played. She missed a lot of the students that had played the sport and wondered what some of them were up to.

"I want a clean game," she said to the two teams. "You know the rules and I expect you to follow them." She eyed both team captains as if they weren't going to follow the rules. "Now shake hands."

She blew her whistle and the game had begun.

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Credit to locomotive.@TDA
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