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Post by Isobel Green on Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:39 pm

Lieutenant Green loved being an auror. She loved the order. She loved the adventure. She absolutely loved doing ninety percent less paperwork than she had been doing in the office. Isobel loved being a field auror again, especially in Paris, a place so near and dear to her heart.

Protecting students from the type of magic folk that lurked in the dark shopping area was an easy job for the young auror. So far, her day had consisted of keeping a low profile and making sure students found their destinations safely. Most of the children were older and made their way to the shops without much fuss. One was considered "seedy" if they wandered through these parts, so when Isobel saw a younger student in the alley, looking quite out of place, she rolled her eyes. She knew she needed to encourage this one to go back up to Amythest Alley, or maybe even La Petit Dragon, where he so clearly belonged.

"Kid, are you looking for something?" she asked, a rather bored tone mixing in with her French accent.


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