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Autumn's Hospital of Magical Ailments

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Autumn's Hospital of Magical Ailments Empty Autumn's Hospital of Magical Ailments

Post by Autumn Krischstein on Thu May 11, 2017 10:56 am

When a reunion was announced, of course, Autumn and her husband would be returning to Beauxbatons. They had fallen in love there and it was nice to take a trip down memory lane. It was also nice to see her two little sisters applying themselves at school. Autumn loved them so much and she knew if their parents were still alive, they'd be so proud of the three witches. She had such fond memories of her life in Beauxbatons Castle.

Julie-Pierre opted to spend most of his free time on the quidditch pitch, reuniting with Professor Bowen to help lead practices. It made sense that he would like to go there. He had been the seeker of Feu in his school days and now worked at the Department of Magical Games and Sports. And with that logic, it made sense for Autumn to stay in the infirmary, listening to Monsieur Avery's stories of his life as a healer and giving out bandages to students with cuts and scrapes.

Just then, two students shuffled into the infirmary, one green in the face. The healer scrambled up to get a trash bin before there could be a mess. "Oh dear. Have a seat, kiddo. I'm Autumn. I'm a healer at St. Cinna's, but I'm here for the reunion. What happened?" she asked, placing the trash can at their feet.

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