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Rowan the Singer 2: Meet Lia Dumont

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Rowan the Singer 2: Meet Lia Dumont

Post by Rowan Dumont on Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:04 pm

Rowan had left for New York a week after she graduated university. She wanted out of Paris. She wanted away from her parents and away from her old life. She was distancing herself from anyone who could hold her back and she only came back when she felt successful enough to not be sucked back in.

After two years back in Paris, her old life was neatly sewn up. She had a career now. She was doing things she was proud of with people she felt connected to and she didn't have to tiptoe around them. Growing into her stage name took time and mistakes, but she was there.

So it surprised her when she replied to her old name.

It was just a man's voice behind her at the bar, but she glanced over her shoulder at the utterance anyway.

He was a stocky, rather inoffensive looking man. His smile looked genuine and his eyes delivered that he wasn't expecting to see someone he recognized. Rowan had never told any fans or her friends now what her old nickname was, so this guy knew her from before college.

It's okay. I don't expect you to remember me. We haven't seen each other in ages, after all, he told her. His voice was warm and it seemed like she could remember it, but she didn't.

"I'm sorry," she told him, a little embarrassed.

Don't be, he told her, smiling slightly. I'm Hugo. Your mum and my dad worked together in the Oldridge ward.

Then it hit her. "Healer Moreau's son! You went to Beauxbatons."

He nodded. I figured you would remember my younger sisters more than me. Aimée is your age, I think.

Rowan rolled her eyes. "I remember Aimée," she commented. Hugo smiled and she assumed he wasn't a fan of her, either. She was the one who started the Lia's a slut rumor in high school. She was just bitter because Rowan was a better witch, but it didn't matter in muggle school anyway. "I should remember you. I'm sorry."

I went to boarding school. You saw me twice a summer. I wouldn't expect you to remember.

"But you remembered me."

You're famous. I see you everywhere.

Rowan laughed at the reminder. She didn't really feel it. People left her alone, for the most part. But then again, she was in a dress shirt and plain black skirt. She probably looked like she just left the office, which was, in fact, the case. The show was an assignment from a producer in the office. She was seeing a rapper and his audio engineer tonight. "Oh yeah," she replied. "I'm still sorry. I've more or less repressed childhood, so I promise it's nothing personal"

I've heard that. Your parents are proud, though.

She snorted. "They should be."

Hugo grinned. Mine are unhappy. I ditched college for talking quickly. They were devastated when I declined my healing apprenticeship.

"They should be proud. My label sent me to you," Rowan noted, realizing that this was her old acquaintance's show. He deserved a compliment. Rowan knew what it was like to have unsupportive parents. Hugo

Really? he asked, his eyes going wide. I'm just... But I'm me.

"Want me to tell them to fuck off? I'd love to."

He laughed, his face lighting up. Rowan couldn't help but laugh, too. I mean, at least watch the show first.

"Yeah. Make it a good one. I have to record a little bit," she joked.

Thanks, Lia, he said.

"It's-" she stopped. She was going to correct him, but it didn't feel right to. Maybe it was fine to have some of the past in her life. "a pleasure."

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