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Can You See His Silhouette?

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Can You See His Silhouette? Empty Can You See His Silhouette?

Post by Rowan Dumont on Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:57 pm

Back in school? Really?

She nodded and her dark red lips turned up in the corners. "Refresher audio engineering courses. I work with Jonas Bell. I'm somewhat of an assistant to him, but I do more musical tasks than a traditional assistant. I guess I'm part of A & R, but A & R isn't a job at Cake Records. Producers are responsible for that job. So... I don't know. Jonas sees us as equal and as partners, but my paycheck says otherwise. I don't make a producer's salary."

School is a good thing, even if it isn't for furthering a career. They say knowledge is something no one can take away from you.

"It really isn't. I think it's a good investment."

Let's talk about your music. You had an EP with Jonas Bell before this. Can you break that down for new fans?

Rowan hadn't liked interviews very much during her first tour, so doing them again was terrible. However, now that the public knew her, they were less concerned with getting to know her and more concerned about her music. Rowan was comfortable chatting about her music more than anything else. She was proud of her album and it made sitting in a dull, soundproof room early in the morning tolerable.

"Absolutely. So Disappear was a cool thing to work on. Jonas and I had written a few songs and I invited him to New York to perform them and that turned into a four month tour. It's about escapism. Two seventeen-year-olds driving across the United States in search of adventure. They quickly realize they weren't as invincible as they thought," Rowan answered. "The songs take different points of view and since it was short, Jonas and I focused on the show. There were a lot of covers that fit in."

What was the most popular song?

"The charting songs on that were big in the US only. If anyone in Europe has heard a song from it, they've probably heard Strange Love."

The interviewer nodded. That's the only one I've heard that's specifically you.

She nodded. "I'm not surprised. A few songs, including that one, have been re-recorded for this album, so there are a few familiar favorites in there."

Without Jonas?

"Yeah. But they still have some signature Jonas feels to them. His voice isn't there, but his spirit is," Rowan answered. She had practiced that line because she knew it was risky to re-record anything. Jonas said it would be worth the risk, though, and Rowan trusted him.

That's good. Did he write any of this album?

"He wrote any of the ones we had collaborated on and, of the singles, Young God," she answered.

How did the Rowadam collaboration start?

She laughed at the use of their dumb ship name. "It's a long story, but basically, Jonas wanted Adam to sing the song alone, but I asked if it could be a duet."

What did you have to do to convince Adam Garcia to sing with you? He's been vocal about his distaste for singing all these years.

She knew what they were implying. That she and Adam were sleeping together and that all the songs she had written were about him. But she had sang it a million times before and she'd sing it again, she didn't have to fucking tell them anything. "I didn't have to convince him. He's my friend and he owed me dinner. His debt is repaid," she answered, coolly. It wasn't a total lie, she just withheld some information to protect their privacy.

Is he the menace in your bed that you detail in Trouble?

Rowan tried to hold back her wince. Trouble was her favorite song on her album and it detailed who she was as a person. It felt... vulnerable. It absolutely was not about Adam. It was about herself. She loved performing it, so she knew she'd have to explain it, but she never thought people would misinterpret so much. "It's not about a relationship," she started. "It's about how you can have a good time and still be destroying yourself. The chorus is about being aware of the destruction and making the decision to fight it."


They sat in almost silence for a moment before Rowan thought of what to add. "I, um, sat at my piano all night furiously banging the keys when I wrote the song. It has a lot of anger behind it for such a mellow sounding song. Trouble is very much for people who are angry with themselves or the situations that they've caused. It's one of my favorites," she explained. "There's a lot of situations going on around me that could have been prevented by making different choices, but this song is about coming to terms with it. When the only way out is through, you know?"
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