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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Minister Viridian on Fri Aug 12, 2016 7:40 pm

What we are:

We are a Harry Potter roleplay website set at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Our plots are set many years after the events in the Harry Potter series takes place. Far enough that most people would not know much about the Wizarding Wars or the characters in Harry Potter. We value well-thought out individual plots rather than force people to participate in ours, so we interfere as little as possible.

Who we are:

We’re a small, friendly group of roleplayers (friends, really) of all writing levels. We all lead different lives and have different schedules, but we still come back here to write together.

Q and A:

Q: What are the rules?
A: The rules are located here! Make sure you read them before you register!

Q: How do I create a character?
A: The rules on creating characters are located here!

Q: Are boys allowed?
A: Yes! Boys, girls, transgender, nonbinary, and intersex characters are allowed. But their plot cannot be only based on their gender. So if you have a transgender character, their whole plot can’t be based around that fact. They could have recently come out or something, but our board is set in a time where this would be commonplace.

Q: Are slash relationships allowed?
A: Yes! Same-sex relationships are allowed. Poly-amorous relationships are allowed. Bestiality and large age gap (student-adult) relationships are not allowed.

Q: What is a Character Face?
A: A Character Face, sometimes called a face claim, is a celebrity that is used to represent your character. It could be a musician, an actor, a YouTuber, a model, a celebutante. Whomever you want, for the most part, they just can’t be an adult actor or actress (just because we allow minors on the site). Also, only one user can have each face, so we can’t have two characters with Miley Cyrus as a character face. Check here to see who is available!

Also, if you have a student, it would be best to pick a younger looking face. Eleven-year-olds don’t look like Chris Pine, right? But when they are an adult, they can change their face to Chris Pine’s.

Q: Does my character have to be a first year or a student at all?
A: No! Your student can be any age, up until a sixth year. They can transfer from whichever school they’d like, or they could have gone there their entire life. New students, first year or transfer, will be sorted into a house upon arrival to school. Old students that have been around for a while without being on board will be sorted immediately!
Your character can be an adult with special permission from Minister Viridian (das me). There’s more on how to create an adult character here.
We mostly need students at the moment, so adult character spots are limited. But every student will become an adult after they complete their seventh year term. So you won’t have a student for very long.

Q: Do I have to have watched/read all of Harry Potter to join?
A: No. We aren’t strict to canon, so you don’t have to know much. The Harry Potter Wikia is a great resource and I use it a lot for spells and facts and whatnot. But be warned, there are spoilers on the site.

Q: Do you write thoughts and actions? Or is it script based?
A: We are a paragraph based site. An example would be-

“Finals were fast approaching and Madi had to study. She’d put classwork on the back burner while on the quest for ultimate quidditch glory. And while she had been doing well on he in-class assignments, neglecting her homework had brought down all her grades. So she was relying on these exams to bump up her grades.”
Script based is not allowed. Since we don’t have a word count, you don’t have to be very detailed, but try your best. We’re all improving as we go.

Q: Are there any headcannons we have to follow?
A: The only one we have is that Beauxbatons is in Paris, instead of its original location in Pyrenees.
Other ones are completely student made. Like anything in a school, things get around through word of mouth. So the Eighth floor was nicknamed “The Blessed Floor” but that was just for fun. Whether things like that affect your character is up to you.

Q: Do I have to post in classes?
A: No. Your characters’ plot doesn’t have to focus on magic at all, but remember, they are at school. One of my adult characters is an Auror, and another is a music producer. It doesn’t matter.

Q: Is there quidditch?
A: Yes, but our teams are currently too small to have games, so if more people try out, we will certainly start it up again.

Q: Are there required posts?
A: For some characters. Quidditch players and Quidditch Announcers, as well as club members. At the very beginning of your student’s journey, they have an order of posts. More on that here.

Q: I’ve read all this and I still have questions. Where do I go?
A: The best resources are to start a thread here with your question. Autumn and I are both great resources as well (these will take you directly to our Tumblr ask boxes). Once you’re registered, you can also click my name, then contact, then PM, and send me a message directly.

We understand that some stuff is confusing and we don’t want the only reason you don’t join to be because you are confused and don’t know who to ask. We’re always here to help.
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