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Grand Hall Guidelines

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Grand Hall Guidelines Empty Grand Hall Guidelines

Post by Madame Leblanc on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:31 pm

Dining Guidelines are as follows:

-Breakfast is served, but is optional for students. Lunch and dinner are always mandatory.

-Mail is delivered at lunchtime.

-At lunchtime, students may sit at either table, but breakfast and dinner must be eaten with their house.

-Uniforms and all applicable badges (Prefect, Captain, Head Boy and Head Girl) are required for all meals. Robes and hats will be required for dining on the first night and on holidays only.

General Information:

-The Grand Hall is used as a study area in between meals. It may occasionally be used for Defense Against the Dark Arts classes.

-Rough housing is prohibited and a Prefect, a professor or the Headmistress may administer detention if the student is caught.

-Professors supervise every meal, but the Headmistress is only present for dinner.

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