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I'll Follow You Down

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I'll Follow You Down Empty I'll Follow You Down

Post by Ryder Green on Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:59 pm

Ryder didn't care that he wasn't allowed to be in Whisper Alley. He probably wouldn't have gone there if he wasn't told that he shouldn't. It couldn't be as scary as his step-father insisted. And there was no way his roommate had seen a witch with three eyes. He didn't really believe in that stuff, but if it did exist, he wanted to see it, regardless of how creepy it was. He saw the people telling him no as people presenting him with a challenge. And Ryder would never back down from a challenge.

He took deep breaths as he stood at the entrance. Ryder could see a few steps inside and then it seemed like a wall of darkness. It looked like you could walk until you hit it and not be permitted any farther. It was eerie, for certain, and his bravery was beginning to wear off. Maybe he could lie about going into the alley. He could just find a tattered paperback book from the library and say it was something he bought from the bookstore.

Ryder carefully considered the best way to lie until he heard a sound from behind that made him jump. He spun around to look the source, a person. Of course. He was instantly annoyed. "What do you want?" he asked, not able to keep the squeak out of his voice. It made him sound less intimidating, but he had to follow through. "Can't you see I'm standing here, getting ready to go down into Whisper Alley?"
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