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A Wishing Well

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A Wishing Well

Post by Andrea Ritter on Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:12 pm

This school is confusing to the uninitiated. It helps to know someone before first year who can explain all the things unfamiliar with growing up in the muggle world. I messed up that opportunity. If I hadn't I may have found out secrets much earlier than I did. From that, I learned that a muggleborn, if they are able to go back far enough into their history, may find out they were not the only one in their family to have magical ability.

Prefectship was difficult and utterly unexpected. Apparently a poor academic record does not exempt you from the honour of receiving the badge. I am sure some enjoyed the perks but who enjoys reporting rule breakers? Never me. If I could go back to first year I believe I might have played up a lot more than I did. My lack of rule breaking would have been the reason for the badge.

Trying to get a holiday job when you live in amongst muggles is impossible unless you are good at lying or forgery. I'm bad at both. On the bright side, I did manage to secure a job which didn't require either before I graduated. How many final year students at any school can make that claim? My cousin is going to university so that doesn't count. It's not a job.

The highlight of my time here was announcing Quidditch. It may be a very confusing game with the weird idea of catching a small flying ball being worth 150 points thus making it nigh onto impossible to win if your seeker doesn't catch the snitch but it was fun. Not bad for someone who has no wish to play sport herself. Maybe one day I'll go onto announcing Quidditch for the French League.

Now my time at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is coming to a close I realise that I may miss this place more than I thought. Very odd thoughts for a girl who didn't want to be a witch.

Andrea Ritter

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