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A Duet of Words

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A Duet of Words

Post by Ursula Valdez on Fri Jun 10, 2016 10:50 am

"This is the last will and testament of Ursula Clara Valdez Caballero.

To her tribe, she leaves her remaining school funds and possessions. She will always remember what home feels like.

To her school, she leaves behind her memories of this place. The good ones, the bad ones, the ones she wished that never happened, the ones that she wished had happened. The friendships forged, the love she felt, the happiness in this beautiful city. She did not make the choice to come here, but never regretted it.

To all of her friends, she will never leave them behind. She will always cherish you, no matter where you are.

To Stephanie, she leaves her necklace. She won't forget all the things they did together, from hiding from the police to half-commiting crimes. She loves her with all of her heart, and couldn't wish for a better partner (in crime). Thank you. She also thanks Stephanie for all the nice, non-dangerous times they spent together. Thank you so, so much. May the winds always blow from behind you.

This concludes the testament of Ursula Clara Valdez Caballero. She wishes all who read this the best possible life, success in everything you try to do and good fortune."

The letter is signed Ursula Clara Valdez Caballero, with something looking like a bear paw in ink stamped next to it.

Ursula smiled at her work. She wasn't planning on going to the nine hells just yet, but she wanted to leave something like a mystery for the future students. Maybe after she'd have returned from her trip around the world, somebody would find her... But that was for the future. When she thought about the future, she looked behind her. The room had that authentic atmosphere of nostalgia, only beaten in quality by actual memories.

"So, have you made up your mind already? I'm ready to toss them in when you are."

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Made by ivilulu - thanks if you ever see this! (tda)
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Re: A Duet of Words

Post by Stephanie Vargas on Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:24 pm

Time. What an absurd concept. Sometimes it can indeed prove itself to be complicated beyond recognition, but most human beings seem to comprehend it paradoxically. How can somebody comprehend a concept that they cannot fully understand? A scientist would most likely tell you that time is rather simple and explainable. It's the indefinite continued progression of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past to the future, right? Seven years ago this would be the answer that the Italian witch, Stephanie Vargas, would give. Not now, though. But, how can somebody change so much in seven years? How can a mere school change somebody's whole life? Can we even imagine or foresee whether such changes will happen or not?

No, time is not a simple concept. Stephanie managed to realise that. Philosophy was never her cup of tea or specialty, but she came to apprehend the questions which many philosophers posed throughout the ages. With time, comes change. And change is caused by our environment and many different circumstances. For the beautiful young witch, these circumstances had four names: Hassan, Andrea, Aidan and Ursula.

"Dear reader,

First and foremost, let me introduce myself.

I am Stephanie Vargas, a pure-blood witch and a former student of the Beauxbatons Academy.
A former student. Yes. I will have to get used to that part.

I suppose that on this letter I have to write many important information about my life, give you advice for your future and other pious claptrap. I apologise deeply for disappointing you and your high expectations, but after seven wonderful years of self-discovery I would like to express my gratitude to four people that changed my life radically.

To Hassan: Thank you. Thank you for teaching me what love is. Thank you for showing me that love can be something wonderful. Thank you for introducing me to an amazing world which I never knew that even existed. Thank you for teaching me what feeling brokenhearted is like. Thank you for your departure. I could never imagine that such a depressing period of my life could actually prove to be beneficial for me. Thank you and arrivederci. Ti auguro buona fortuna e successo nella tua vita.

To Andrea: Thank you. Thank you for teaching me what friendship is. Thank you for giving me a new family member; Yourself. You may not even imagine it, but I see you as the sister I never had. Being an only child can sometimes be quite lonely. Thank you for putting up with all my nonsense. Thank you for surviving through the torments that come when somebody lives with me. Thank you. Thank you, sorella.

To Aidan: Thank you. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for making me smile whenever I was down. Thank you for supporting me whenever I thought that I didn't need support. Thank you for listening to my problems for endless hours. Thank you for being a true friend. Thank you for introducing me to other people. Thank you for helping me to become more sociable (or at least less unsociable). Thank you.

To Ursula: Dio mio, thank you. Thank you for giving me more love that I could ever imagine. Thank you for coming to my life. Thank you for teaching me how to accept myself. Thank you for showing me who I am. You knew more about me than even myself. Thank you for showing me that love can come in many forms. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Grazie di tutto."

Raising her head to look at the person who she thanked the most, Stephanie smiled slightly. "I am ready. Sorry, it took me some time".
*Arrivederci: Goodbye (in Italian).
*Ti auguro buona fortuna e successo nella tua vita: I wish you luck and success in your life (in Italian).
*Sorealla: Sister (in Italian).
* Dio mio: My God (in Italian).
*Grazie di tutto. Thank you for everything (in Italian).
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