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Tentacles Tentatcula Tent...something

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Tentacles Tentatcula Tent...something Empty Tentacles Tentatcula Tent...something

Post by Andrea Ritter on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:51 am

Andrea listlessly scribbled down notes for her Herbology essay. It was not going well at all and she questioned her own wisdom in having chosen to continue on with the subject. After her entanglement with the Venomous Tentacula last lesson her regretful decision had grown. Seventh year was a little too late to decide you'd chosen the wrong subject.

She scribbled out a wrong word use and groaned at how inept her work sounded. Andrea had hoped the Prefect Lounge would be the perfect place to help her focus. It was quiet and no-one else was there. Instead, she ended up writing charms work in the middle of a sentence on the entangling plant she wanted to forget.

A knock on the door brought a frown to her face and Andrea sighed in frustration at the interruption. She got up and opened the door. "Yes? Were you looking for a prefect for some reason?"

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