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There Is This Thing

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There Is This Thing Empty There Is This Thing

Post by Andrea Ritter on Wed Jun 08, 2016 6:48 am

There was something Andrea had kept putting off for far too long. And with the end of the year fast approaching, she needed to do it before it was too late. Thus, forgetting about the coming charms exam she chose to go to the section where the old yearbooks were kept. Andrea frowned and shook her head. There were hundreds of the ruddy things. And why on earth did her aunt say a couple of hundred years? How was that going to answer her question? Mr. Smith wasn't that old. He was old but not that old.

She stepped back and pulled a book off the shelf at random. One which looked to be about the right age. Then another closer to the present day. At least closer to the age which would have included Mr. Smith. What was his real name again? Andrea shrugged as she took the two books over to the table where her charms work was spread out.

As she carefully turned the pages; the librarian was watching her closely, she skimmed the pictures and the captions. Andrea paused at one student, a witch who looked to be about thirteen. No older than fourteen. Liesel Ritter. She blinked and shook her head before turning the page. The outgoing seventh years. Gustav Ritter. Andrea closed the book and pushed it aside.

Andrea shot an apologetic look at the librarian after hearing the older witch gasp. She then picked up the not quite so old yearbook. Ivo Ritter with a head boy badge was not very far in. "Well I'll be damned," she muttered to herself and shut the book. She shook her head. It couldn't be could it? Did Mr. Smith know Ivo? She considered the possibility after glancing at the year on the cover and decided no. Was there still a connection?

She tapped her fingers on the table and tried to remember what she'd heard of magical heritage? What was it? What she needed was someone to ask questions. The librarian was out as she'd now gathered up the yearbooks and took them away. Probably afraid if she left them in Andrea's care they'd be damaged beyond repair. She sighed and looked around at the scattered students for a possible someone to ask the questions she was yet unable to form.

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