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Term 27 Quidditch Tryouts

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Term 27 Quidditch Tryouts Empty Term 27 Quidditch Tryouts

Post by Professor Bowen on Sun May 15, 2016 9:05 pm

It was that time of year again, the beginning of a new year at Beauxbatons meaning it was once again time for quidditch tryouts. This was one of the professor's favorite times to be the flying instructor, however it could also be very stressful to choose students for the teams. However she was always able to decide in the end and she just loved the happy looks on the students faces when they flew around the pitch and you could always see that moment when each one of them finally got some confidence in their tryout performance.

Professor Bowen walked out onto the quidditch pitch to see a group of excited students standing in the center, some scared looking and others confident. She stood in the middle and quickly got everyones attention, "Alright everyone welcome to this year's Quidditch Tryouts." She said loud enough for everyone to hear her. "You will be notified when the tryout results are in." She told them all slowly to be sure they all understood. "Alright so with that let's get started and yes you may tryout for more than one position." She finished before starting the tryouts.

-To tryout post only once for each position you wish to tryout for.
-You are to post strictly in character and write a one shot of your character going through their turn.
-Please pay attention to order when posting, for instance if you are trying out for seeker make sure to note that they had to wait till the end to take their turn.
-Be sure to give enough detail in the post to help the Ministers make an accurate decision about who to pick.
-Look at the Quidditch Team sticky to see what positions are open. There is only one Seeker and one Keeper. If those positions are filled on your team, you cannot tryout for that position.
-Games will not be played out until further notice, but information about the season's winners will be sent via PM to you from your captain or a minister.
-Message the Ministers or your house's captain with any questions

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