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Dreary Bright Sun

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Dreary Bright Sun

Post by Zach Branson on Wed May 11, 2016 10:47 pm

Zach was excited for his 3rd year back but also a bit nervous... He was wondering what would be in store for him this school year. His first was filled with an exciting hedgehog story and a embarrassing flying lesson. His second year consisted of mostly getting a Flinger Fingers kit and this nice lady named Autumn helping him out with problems arose then too. He sat at the edge of the lake staring into it and seen his reflection. Looking back was an out of shape kid and was a little over average weight.

"I need to take better care of myself... Maybe if it wasn't for my dad I would have a higher spirit and be skinny like most." Zach said with a slight doubt.

This mermaid then swam up to him and begun asking him about his past. Zach told what there was to tell to this interesting creature and somehow felt like he was already feeling better. He was't exactly happy but was okay now. He looked up at the sky at the time he assumed was about Noon and seen the thin wispy clouds block the sun ever so slightly. The slight chilly breeze made him sit there by the shore, with his arms wrapped around his legs and was a little cold. As his mind begun to race a bit about the future to unfold, he heard this boy come walking by the area with a slight lost and confused look. judging by his age and appearance he was a first year and was probably lost on his way to class.

Zach then decided to yell over to the boy asking, "Do you need any help? This Castle's Grounds is very easy to get lost on!"

The boy looked at him for a bit and he finally started walking over. Zach then went on babbling about how crazy this was his first year.

"Please come sit! I know it is not very warm out here but, it will give you a minute to collect your thoughts," he spoke in a kind welcoming voice.

Zach was still sitting there as he could right now, as he had a free period right now and liked spending some of his time outdoors as that castle can get a bit weird for him. He was kind of hoping this boy would take the time to sit and talk to him as it has been a rough summer for Zach and he needed someone to talk to.

"Oh pardon my manners! I'm Zach! this is my 3rd year here and I really do like it so far!" Zach spoke with a bit of cheer to hide his current thoughts.

"So, are your parents both muggles, or is one, or you have both raised and born into magic life?" Zach thought wondering what his life would be if he was raised into a magic only family.
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Re: Dreary Bright Sun

Post by Ryder Green on Fri May 20, 2016 10:15 pm

Ryder wasn't actually lost. He knew exactly where he was and where he was supposed to be, but he was going to skip fling lessons today. His parents both played quidditch when they were students and Ryder was almost positive that he had inherited their athlete genes. Especially since he already knew how to fly and was better than his classmates.

Ryder's walk to the lake had gone uninterrupted. He barely saw anyone and none of the people he did see questioned him. Until he was right upon the edge of the water.

An older boy called out to him and Ryder froze and pretended to look lost. He thought about turning around and pretending he didn't hear the other boy, but where would he even go? He wasn't going to class, that was for sure.

So he accepted his invitation and sat at the older boy's side. He shivered a bit at the mention of the cold, but Ryder wasn't cold. He'd taken to wearing an extra sweater under his robes to keep him warm when he had outdoor classes. "Ryder," he introduced. "I'm a firstie. School is alright, I guess."

The first year was a little surprised by the older boy's question. Ryder was under the impression that it was rude to ask someone's blood status, but Zach didn't seem to mean any harm by it. "My mom and stepfather are both wizardfolk. The Millers and the Greens are big names around here," he answered, thinking of how many times he'd seen pictures of both sides of the family around the aged halls of the castle. "I have big shoes to fill," he muttered as an afterthought.
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