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Potted Friends

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Potted Friends

Post by Reese Hayes on Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:36 am

Ever since Reese became a third year, he had the right to go with the older kids to visit the Village. He loved it there. He loved the freedom and being able to just get fresh air and be somewhere that wasn't the castle or its grounds. He felt a lot better since he was able to have this freedom and he met a lot of people while exploring. He even had favorite spots where he liked to go to get away from the pressure of school One of his favorites was a shop that sold flowers and other things along those lines. It was new but was now his favorite.

He spent a lot of time there and he just liked to water the flowers and talk to them. It seemed like they were the only ones that listened to him most of the time. He didn't have many friends to begin with so the flowers took the spots of friends. "Hello," he whispered to his 'friends' as he took a seat on the stool in front of the potted plants. "How are you guys today?" He grinned before rambling on about what had happened to him at school that week.

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Re: Potted Friends

Post by Harley Fenwick on Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:31 am

Harley had been enjoying herself infinitely more since she had opened her own shop. Now she set her own work hours and wrote her own paychecks, and if she felt like trash and didn't want to come in, she didn't exactly have to. The new job seemed more like a hobby than anything else, and she loved talking to the people that came in to buy flowers and vegetables from her. Sometimes, if the kids who came in seemed nice enough she would give them free pick of any flower in the store, free of charge of course, because she was the owner and she could do that.

As she made her way through the store, turning plants so they didn't grow funnily in one specific direction and rearranging bouquets that were charmed to never die and were always ready for pick-up, she noticed a kid crouching down near the daisies she had replanted from her garden to a pot and brought them here, where her artificial sunlight spell made them grow like crazy. Harley had seen him around before, he sometimes filled a watering can from the sink and took care of the potted plants, taking a load off of her shoulders. She had never thanked him before for it, but now seemed like a good time. Once she got closer to him, though, she noticed he was talking to them too, saying things about how his day had been and how he had been feeling recently. It was the sweetest thing she had ever seen. Harley slowly approached the kid with a smile before crouching down next to him and saying softly, "So you're the one who's been keeping my friends company while I'm gone. I wanted to thank you. My name's Harley. What's yours?"

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