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Christmas Time

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Christmas Time

Post by Andrea Ritter on Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:49 pm

Andrea stretched out across the bed with the hardback notebook she'd been using as a journal through her first term of sixth year open. Much of it was full of ink blotches but today it would be different. She'd swiped a ball-point pen from her cousin's bedroom. He was far too busy with his latest invention to pay much attention to what she was up to.

Dear Me,

I had this brilliant idea of finding a holiday job in the week leading up to Christmas. Unfortunately even the voluntary gift wrapping station required information I was not free to give. How do you tell people where in France you went to school without breaking the International Statute of Secrecy? Apparently 'attending an exclusive boarding school in France' is not enough information. They wanted the name of the school and the head. I left with an excuse that I did have a lot of holiday homework and perhaps working would not be a good idea afterall. Now I'm bored out of my skull whilst trying to come up with some sort of lie which isn't really a lie and which cannot be traced back as a lie or the breaking of an international wizarding law. If only I didn't have this stupid magic thing going.

On another note I asked my Aunt what the deal was with Mr. Smith. He is always passing on information about Beauxbatons to her just in case I try to get out of something. Hence the Valentine Ball which is coming up in February. After my failed attempt at buying a gown in Amethyst Alley we went shopping here in Zurich. Now I have a pale green dress which meets my mid-calf and gold heels. Far better than the advice I received at the robe shop. NOTE TO SELF: Never ever under any circumstances ask the opinion of an eleven year old.

Anyway, I was told to look up some yearbooks at Beauxbatons from a couple of hundred years ago by my aunt. She wants me to research the answers myself! It makes me wonder what it is that she knows which I don't and why she and Mr. Smith have kept it such a secret from me? If it's about me then I deserve to know. I do wonder though what ancient history has to do with me in this time and place.

Her pen was poised to write on another topic but was soon dropped as she heard Aunt Lisa call for her and Dominick to get downstairs. "Well you can wait," she said and dropped the pen on the open notebook before racing her cousin down to see what she wanted them for.

Much later she came back having forgotten what else she wanted to write.

Christmas preparations are such a pain when one's aunt decides her son and niece are now old enough to have a say. Whilst I don't see why I wasn't old enough years ago to have an opinion I wish she'd left us to our ignorance until we were told what was to happen. Anyway back to the holiday work problem I have decided that a summer job would be a bad idea too. There's just no way around the problem. I guess I'll have to find some other way to make the holidays not drag so much. Must be getting on now. I need my beauty sleep so as to tackle Christmas shopping tomorrow.

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