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Which is Mightier: the Pen Or the Quill?

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Which is Mightier: the Pen Or the Quill?

Post by Andrea Ritter on Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:54 pm

Andrea's patrol of the fourth floor was very quiet. No-one was around. The portrait gallery was unusually silent with the portraits either asleep or off visiting other paintings around the palace. No-one was breaking curfew in the student commons. Nothing. A complete waste of time in Andrea's opinion but still she had to stay until it was time for her to go back to her dormitory.

She yawned and began to walk past the gallery again where she could hear soft snores of portraits within. Her foot then came out from under her and Andrea gasped as she watched a ball point pen roll away to hit the wall opposite her. "That wasn't there before," she remarked and walked over to pick it up. In a louder voice she added, "alright who is out here after curfew? And why have you been using a muggle pen?" She gave the pen a closer inspection. The type of pen you'd give someone on a special occasion. Andrea gave the button up the top a click and nodded. The sort of pen she'd love to use if she weren't stuck with having to use a quill and ink for her assignments.

Thinking up on the niceness of it she thought she might have come up with the perfect way of bringing out the curfew breaker. "It's a nice pen. Perhaps I'll keep it for myself."

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