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Slippery Rabbits

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Slippery Rabbits Empty Slippery Rabbits

Post by Minnie Puchard on Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:34 am

The white rabbits sat on her desk wiggling their noses up at her and Minnie stared down at the creatures with a bemused look on her face. "What the hell is wrong with you two," she hissed in a low voice, her face down near their ears. "Don't you know what's about to happen to you?" This was why she found Transfiguration one of the more useless subjects on the Beauxbatons curriculum. Why did two perfectly harmless rabbits have to be transfigured into slippers? She had slippers. Lovely red and green slippers under her bed in her dorm.

She tapped her wand on the desk and watched as some of the other second years worked at transfiguring their rabbits into slippers. She knew she should be doing the same, preferably before Professor Walker figured out she hadn't made one single attempt to change her rabbits. Minnie stopped tapping. "Well if that's what you two want there's nothing I can do to save you." She raised her wand and pointing it at the rabbits she twirled whilst saying the incantation. One rabbit was still there. The other was a slipper with a twitch nose and rabbit ears and tail. "There. Attempted. One quarter right at least." Minnie glanced over at her neighbour. "So what do you think of this slipper for a one legged witch?" She held her hands out at her own effort. "Pretty good right?"

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Slippery Rabbits L4YFefr
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