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Mystery Cake

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Mystery Cake Empty Mystery Cake

Post by Linette Puchard on Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:15 am

Linette found that as Editor of a major wizarding publication there was so much more to do than she ever imagined. Right now it was the letters to the editor which gave her a headache. So many people weighing in on their opinions. She couldn't decide which letters to include and which to ditch. Ideally she'd love to include them all but there was only so much space. At the Weekly headquarters she couldn't get any peace so decided to devote her lunch hour to choosing out of the final likely ones in a place no-one could find her. A place well away from the wizarding village. Somewhere in Paris.

Cumberbatch Bakery one as the least likely place any of her staff could find and interrupt her meal. By the time she'd finished her sandwiches she thought she had the pick of the letters. "Time for some cake," she declared as she noted she still had another half-hour of her lunch-break. Only at that point she heard the witch behind the counter cry out. "My cakes. Who has stolen my cakes?" Linette was up out of her seat in a flash and saw the crumbs in the display where she had previously seen cakes galore. "Oh my. That's a quick getaway." She turned around to the bell on the door chiming and asked the person who entered, "did you see signs of a cake thief out there?"


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