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Magnetic Fields and Other Nonsense

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Magnetic Fields and Other Nonsense Empty Magnetic Fields and Other Nonsense

Post by Ursula Valdez on Sat Apr 09, 2016 5:32 pm

It had been summer, and it had turned into fall again. This time though, for the first time in five years, Ursula went back to Brazil during the holidays. When she returned, she felt more alive and more at ease than she did for so long. She bathed in moonlit pools, found her old tribe, and, the most impressing of all, turned into a bear on a tranquil night. Unfortunately, when it happened she didn't know how to turn back. So, two weeks later she found the Ministry of Brazil, and they quickly turned her back into a girl. She got out with a warning and a first mark on her spotless criminal record. She wasn't even sure how she did it, but it happened anyway. 

Anyway, after two months, she was back at the school. She couldn't really tell anyone, since what she did was kind of illegal. So, she jumped into the library to find something that could explain it. For one, she felt sick again after she left America, and she couldn't transform anymore. Just the regular ol' hairy arm trick, but nothing special. And so she looked. She looked for days on end, trying to find something new. She spent her free hours divided between Quidditch and the library, and she wasn't really getting anywhere with both. Even so, Ursula Clara Valdez Caballero wasn't someone who gave up. And so she continued her goose hunt.

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Ursula Valdez
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Magnetic Fields and Other Nonsense Empty Re: Magnetic Fields and Other Nonsense

Post by Stephanie Vargas on Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:08 pm

Libraries. Definitely one of Stephanie's favorite places. There she could read and learn about all the scientific facts and figures she wanted, without having anybody around to bother her. Its silence had somewhat created an ideal image about libraries, in her head. It was a place where the hustle and bustle were left outside. A place where knowledge was almost infinite. It was ironic how in such a limited area she could learn information regarding boundless extents, like the universe. The young witch loved visiting the library of the Beauxbatons Academy frequently. Today was not an exception, since she found herself reading all sorts of books in this amazing area of unlimited knowledge, once more.

Sitting on a comfortable wooden chair, Stephanie was reading a book with extensive focus and attention. A dozen of other books waited to be read right next to her. She was reading about the many-worlds interpretation, completely ignoring her surroundings. How could somebody not ignore a theory which denies the actuality of wavefunction collapse, anyway? However, something drew her attention. It was Ursula. She was moving across the library rather quickly, seemingly looking for a book.
Stephanie Vargas
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