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The Fall of Leaves

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The Fall of Leaves

Post by Minnie Puchard on Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:53 pm

Minnie didn't often turn to fanciful thoughts but today her mind had drifted off from the DADA textbook on her lap to the leaves littering the courtyard. So many leaves not yet raked away by the caretaker. Autumn leaves blowing up by a careless wind blowing down into a space Minnie had thought was protected from such things. She looked up at the walls surrounding the courtyard and wondered where the leaves were coming from. It was rather puzzling when the leafy foliage in here did not match the leaves on the ground.

She put the book aside. As interesting as DADA was she had something unusual occupy her mind. Normally Minnie hated puzzles of any kind. This one however had her thinking the way she imagined her mother often thought. Investigative reporter mode. Only one possibility occurred to her and Minnie stood. "Okay Beauxbatons ghosts," she called out, "which of you is doing this?"

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