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The Lucky Ones

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The Lucky Ones

Post by Anthony Hayes on Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:45 pm


I raised being an athlete. Nearly as soon as I could walk, I was learning to fly. I was supposed to be some great quidditch star. And my brothers were raised this way, too. We were, and still are, stuck in this constant trap where instead of sleeping half the day away in the summer like normal children, we were forced to Canada to further our quidditch abilities.

Well, I have a confession. I sneaked off the campground every single year. And this past year, I got to do that with my best friend. I don't think we did one athletic thing. I take that back. We went swimming and ran away from a prank we pulled on my brother when he spotted us. But that's it. Well, not completely. But I wouldn't kiss and tell. That seems really wrong for me to say. I probably shouldn't.

Actually, I have another confession. I'm an artist. Like, one of those weird people who wants to paint all the time. And I'm actually sort of good at singing and dancing. More than you would expect of the average seventeen-year-old-boy.

And another one, I guess. I turned down all the quidditch positions offered to me. I'm headed to university in the fall. Full scholarship based on my grades. And I'm not going to pick up a broomstick or a quaffle unless it's an emergency. And maybe not even then. That's how much I hate quidditch.

And also, I kind of love Garnet. And not in the way other people love her. I mean, yeah. She's funny and beautiful, but that's not all. She's also really smart. One of the smartest people I've ever met. And she is so passionate about the things she likes. Easy to piss off, but it's a fair trade off. Garnet all pissed off about something she likes is cute. And she also has a sweet side. It's just not as expressed.

I guess if I could offer any student, it would be that team work is important. Just because I hate quidditch doesn't mean I was a bad captain. I found the bright side of the situation. Also, being rude for no reason will never win you any friends. One day, you might be able to solve an issue just from being well liked.

And with that, I wish you luck, fair student.

Anthony Hayes

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