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Julie-Pierre Krischstein

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Julie-Pierre Krischstein

Post by Minister Viridian on Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:54 am

Month: March
Character's full name: Julie-Pierre Krischstein (He doesn’t have a middle name)
House: Feu (Formerly. He’s an adult.)
Clubs/Quidditch Position: Qudditch Seeker (Former)
Blood Status: Pureblood
Family: A mother (Kirsa Wulf-Krischstein) and father (Arnaud Krischstein)
Pets: No pets

Food: Anything that regards to sugar/sweets is his game.
Color: Forest green and/or crimson red
Animal: Red Fox
Hobbies: Doing pranks every so often, playing sports/practicing his Quidditch skills, really anything that allows him to move and be himself.

Dream Job: One would be to be either a Quidditch coach or DADA teacher at Beauxbatons, or really any wizarding school that would allow him to use what he has learned to his advantage, though Quidditch would be ideal.
Dream House/Location to Live: Anywhere that is some in-between of rural and city is his game.
Family plans: The only thing JP knows for a fact is that he wants to stay with Autumn no matter what. If they have children, they have children, but that might not be for a while as they plan to help Autumn’s little sisters as well.

Misc. OOC Section
What shape would their Patronus Take?: Despite JP’s struggles with some forms of magic, summoning a Patronus being his most weakest, his Patronus would have the appearance of a Red Fox. The Red Fox is an animal that represents curiosity (personal symbolism), knowledge (Celtic culture), protection (Shinto culture), and mischief/foolery (Native American culture), all of these things defining who he is.
What memory would they use to trigger it?: Likely the happiest memory he had that can trigger it is the day that he and Autumn got married, though their getting together and him winning several Quidditch games for his team being close seconds. The Red Fox would still work in representing Autumn, oddly enough, due to the protection that Foxes give, what with being pack animals.
When faced with a Boggart, what form would it take?: The mere thought of seeing any of his loved ones be killed brutally sends a shiver down his spine, arguably one of his biggest fears, no thanks to the events of particular wizards and witches in the past who died in horrifying, brutal ways. As much as he knows death is always lingering near, it doesn’t mean he isn’t scared of it taking him, or especially his family and wife (and potentially children), torturing his mind with grief before he would take him, too.
What would your character see in the Mirror of Erised?: Currently Julie-Pierre would see where he is now. There’s not really been much he has heavily desired that he hasn’t gotten.
What is your favorite thing about your character?: JP has a sense of innocence and charm to him even as he grew older. Part of me wanted him to grow out of it as he grew, thinking when I first made him he could be no better than me with maturing too quickly, but his happiness and more soft mentality on things grew on me. It made me think a lot of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, a character I still admire even at eighteen; it’s rare you hear of anyone who can seem unfazed by chaos and stress around them, keeping what seemed childish intact while still becoming an adult inside and out.
Other information you would like to share: I really wish I could post more. Lately I’ve been losing my RP drive, especially with being shoved into the real world soon when I graduate. It’s a little irritating, but I do appreciate peoples’ patience.
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