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So Brittle It Might Break?

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So Brittle It Might Break? Empty So Brittle It Might Break?

Post by Minnie Puchard on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:07 am

Minnie had been dreaming of this moment for many years. She would have rubbed her hands together with glee if she hadn't first had to submit to having her arm measured and everywhere else it appeared, then have a wand placed in her hand. That was a complete flop of a wand and so she was presented with another. Neither wand was up to much and Minnie wanted the quench that small rise of panic. What if the letter had been a lie? Silly little thoughts which had no place in the head of an obvious witch.

She shot a look at her mother before taking hold of the next wand. Elm wood. Dragon heartstring. 11 3/4 inches. Brittle. She took in the description with barely a shrug. Minnie had no idea why brittle would be considered a good flexibility in a wand. It sounded like it could break with ease. Still it was the wand handed over to her and this time it was different. It had been found. The wand for her. Minnie watched closely as the wand was packed away in its box and was paid for. What she really wanted was to hold it again but that could wait until they got home. There was still a lot on her list to be found and bought.
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So Brittle It Might Break? Empty Re: So Brittle It Might Break?

Post by Linette Puchard on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:32 am

Buying Minnie's first wand made her going away to Beauxbatons ever so much realer to Linette. Before it was just something which was going to happen at some point in the hazy distant future. Now the future was just around the corner. It was terrifying. How was she going to cope with the house all to herself? Not even the book-sniffing Osmund was there, having moved out long ago when Minnie was still a baby. The days when she could get away with calling her daughter Mignon.

She held her breath as one wand and then another were both rejected. How long was Minnie going to take? Would she break Linette's own personal record of six? The third one said no and Linette reached out to pat her daughter's shoulder. "Lucky you. The sixth one was mine on my first time in here." Linette did wonder though what brittle symolised in the flexibility of the wand. It certainly did sound as inflexible as her daughter. That really fitted. Linette had studied so much on wand lore and she did hope that elm wood did not mean Minnie was destined to become a purist. Linette had never spoken of bloodstatus one way or another having never really cared herself. She was brought out of her reverie by the shopkeeper telling her the price.

"Right yes. Minnie I think I'd better hold the box so you don't get too tempted." She handed over the required coins and took the box. "Come along. Pet next."


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