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The Owl Is The Enemy

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The Owl Is The Enemy

Post by Andrea Ritter on Fri Feb 26, 2016 2:51 pm

Andrea stared at the owl and the beak attached to it. Birds she liked but this tawny owl was one she had an ongoing fight with since first year. It didn't like her and she didn't like it. It was one mean owl and she couldn't figure out why it was still kept on by the school. It was dangerous for small children and there were plenty of those around in the form of first and second years. She crossed her arms and tried the intimidating prefect glare she'd been practising in her dorm room mirror. It had worked on a first year or two but not this owl.

She uncrossed them again and sighed. "Look. Will you please take the treat and the letter? It only has to go to Switzerland. It's not like I want you to travel to Iceland or Russia." The owl dipped its head and began preening its chest feathers. "Well at least let me use one of the other owls around here then." It looked up again and puffed up its feathers. Andrea knew that move and thus stayed rooted on the spot.

Behind her there were footsteps coming up into the owlery. She turned and warned, "be careful. That one is in attack mode." She pointed to the tawny owl who had returned to its preening. "It may look innocent but just you wait. One move and bang..." She crashed her hands together and in the process crumpling the letter to her cousin. "...it'll be on the attack."

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