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Where's the Escape Hatch?

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Where's the Escape Hatch? Empty Where's the Escape Hatch?

Post by Andrea Ritter on Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:40 am

This was a new year Andrea was not looking forward to. New Dorm, new house, new badge... The badge was especially hateful. Who thought she was able to make a good prefect? She sighed as she sat back in the first carriage seat she found free. "I bet I wouldn't have it if the houses hadn't changed around," she muttered to herself. Stephanie would have been for sure prefect for Cerisier. She was smart, organised, well behaved... Instead they were split up and Andrea got the badge for Lumière.

The movement of someone nearby had Andrea sitting up straighter. That brought her to her senses a little. There was no need for anybody else to know she didn't want to be a prefect. "Sorry. Were you looking for a spare seat." She moved over. "You're free to sit there." Andrea nodded to the space she'd freed up. "We must be moving off soon don't you think?" The noise level was rising a little as there was chatter all over the place about the holidays and the changes at Beauxbatons.

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