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Dorm Info

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Dorm Info

Post by Minister Viridian on Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:07 pm

The entrance to the Éclairage dorm is marked by a metal Phoenix statue. To enter, one must touch the statue with their wand. Then, a spiral staircase will appear, leading down deeper into the dungeon. At the end of them, is the Éclairage Common room. The common room is surprisingly open and warm for a dungeon. The walls are made of solid metal, but are decorated with posh purple designs. The floor is carpeted in plush silver, there are violet couches and armchairs throughout, and ceiling-high bookshelves filled with mementos from the past rest along the walls. Two bookshelves magically slide open to reveal the hallways to the dorm rooms, which are lit by magical strikes of lightning along the walls and ceilings.

Posting in the dorms and common room:
-Thread titles should be as followed "Dorm #(insert number): Thread Title" or "Common Room: Thread Title".
-Students of different houses and sexes may be in each others dorms until curfew at 8:30.
-Students from Lumière may not start or reply to threads in the common room.

Dorm Assignments:

  1. NPC & NPC
  2. NPC & NPC
  3. NPC & NPC
  4. NPC & NPC
  5. NPC & NPC
  6. Benjamin Rose & NPC
  7. Ryder Green & NPC
  8. NPC & NPC
  9. Gilroy Finnegan & NPC
  10. NPC & NPC
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