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Aged Wonder.

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Aged Wonder.

Post by Hanna Thorsdóttir on Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:59 pm

Her broom was great, for it's age. It was a White 1987 Nimbus 1700, with a thin, light blue stripe down each side. Her mother had dug it out as being a good starting broomstick for quidditch players, as it is very safe for a broomstick of it's speed, performance, and age. Her mother had a 1988 Thunderbolt V from her Iceland national team days to pass on, but that broomstick she deemed to fast and maneuverable for a relative rookie. She knew right well how to fly, and passed all of the lessons with ease. She spent much of her free time practicing for next year, when she would try out, and thinking about that Thunderbolt. Like muggle pilots, she kept a flight log. by the end of the first term, she had logged almost 100 hours on the pitch, and was starting to practice alongside Professor Bowen, who knew of her mothers exploits as Iceland's Centre chaser for the 1990 World cup, narrowly beating Germany in one of the most unexpected outcomes to date, settling for 4th place after a loss to Canada. Hanna hoped to beat that, through hard work and determination.
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