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Post by Hanna Thorsdóttir on Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:31 pm

It moved, she could've swore it moved. The class was into it's third round of each student attempting to move a broomstick across the room to them in one spell. So far she had only moved an inch, but that was better than the majority of the others, whose spells either missed wide, came out funny, or just didn't have an effect once they hit. Anne-Lise was up, "Accio" she said in a shaky voice, while pointing her wand in the general direction of the broom in question. At this point one generally would think she would hit the besieged sweeper. She did not, a cup shot off of the shelf and made an attack run on a poor Feu boy who had the misfortune of being next in line, smashing itself to pieces on a desk just to his left, causing Hanna to jump back reflexively to avoid the glass shards that would follow this sort of event.

Professor Boux was hard at work expressing how important it was to not get distracted for the millionth time while Hanna tried to calm her roommate down. She may be emotional, but she was one of the few people who she could sure of, and that meant something. Hanna was fourth, then third, then next, then on the spot. She did her best to clear her mind and see only the broom, laying on the Professor's desk innately. She was determined to change that last bit. She pointed her simple Oak Wand at the stubborn stick, and with as even a voice as she could manage "Accio". She succeeded, after a fashion. It was a perfect Accio if you ignore the fact that she was concentrating so much on it that the flying broomstick nailed her in the forehead, definitely leaving a nasty bruise. How Charming.
Hanna Thorsdóttir
Hanna Thorsdóttir

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