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Why a Dish and a Spoon?

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Why a Dish and a Spoon? Empty Why a Dish and a Spoon?

Post by Andrea Ritter on Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:21 pm

Andrea was supposed to be working on her Care of Magical Creatures assignment. She had been looking around in the correct section of the library for books on unicorns. On the way back to her desk she'd somehow ended up in the muggle studies section, not a subject she was studying, and saw a book with the title An Assessment of Hey Diddle Diddle and other Muggle Nursery Rhymes. Thus upon leaving the library not only did she have the books she needed but one extra.

Now she was sitting in the student commons with her desk cluttered up with notes and her books on unicorns all of which were open on one page or another. Perched up in front of her was the book on nursery rhymes, not the sort she grew up with. They were, however, ones she vaguely recalled learning in English lessons at school. Hey Diddle Diddle proved to her that the English truly were mad. The writer of the book apparently thought all muggles were mad based on a few English rhymes.

"How would a dish and a spoon go running off somewhere together anyway?" she asked the nearest person. "Do you think they were off making soup for all the humans to eat? Probably not because then it would have been the bowl and the spoon." The rhyme was truly maddening. It made her think that maybe it weren't muggles who originated it but rather wizards.

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