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Clear the Clouds

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Clear the Clouds

Post by Andrea Ritter on Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:55 pm

It was her second year in Divination and Andrea was still struggling to figure out what she was supposed to see in a crystal ball. Why couldn't it be tarot cards be on the menu for this lesson. They were easy. The book told you what the pictures meant and the pictures were clear as day. No need to try and peer into a cloudy mess with your reflection getting in the way with cards. Not like with crystal balls. Even palms were easier because the lines could be seen.

She moved back away from the ball and rubbed her forehead. She could feel the pain from staring into the ball for so long. The notes on her parchment were conspicuously absent and Andrea could very clearly see her future consisting her of making something up just so she could hand in some work at the end of class. There was no need to look into a ball of glass to see that. She glanced around and then tried to peer at her next door neighbours work to see what they'd written.

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