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A Nuage Experience

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A Nuage Experience Empty A Nuage Experience

Post by Hanna Thorsdóttir on Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:01 am

After what seemed like forever, they had stopped. The group had been ascending stairs for the longest time before turning off and following a corridor until they had reached a door about midway down the passage, the Seventh Year at the head of the group muttered something Hanna thought to be a passphrase of some type before the door swung in, and the leader of the group stepped aside and ushered the mass of confused children inside. Hanna was one of the last inside because, unlike many of the others, she was content with not pushing others aside, they were all going to get to the same place anyways.

The room through the door, once Hanna had waited her turn to enter and had a good look around was large, although not quite large enough for the mess of people now contained in it. It was decorated warmly, with red and gold being the dominant colors. A malnourished fireplace sputtered in the corner, with an older boy attempting to add logs to it without burning himself. He let out a string of very loud words, in a language Hanna did not recognize, but she could tell by the temperament of the speaker were likely swear words. She then ignored the plight of the burned boy to focus on the small collection of seventh years that was collecting, in a manner that collections tend to, in front of the confused newbies. she got the feeling that something important was going to be said, and she didn't want to miss it.

Many important things were, in fact said by the seventh years, sometimes over top of each other. So many important things were said that she couldn't keep track of them all. Several of the eldest students waded into the writhing mass of first-year to hand out what seemed to be schedules, with maps on the back. they tried in vain to suppress the rising tide of murmurs as they called out names to relieve their class listings. Eventually Hanna heard hear name called out by a tall girl with light brown hair, and eyes of a similar color. She grabbed it, eager to read, and sat down and got to reading.

The paper read
0. Breakfast (Why the Schedule started at 0 was entirely beyond her.)
1. Charms (Seemed useful, but possibly the type of thing to put one back to sleep.)
2. Defense Against the Dark Arts (Fun maybe? Terrifying maybe? Who can say?)
3. Lunch (Food was always good with her.)
4. Potions (Perhaps not the best thing right after lunch.)
5. Broom Flight (She wondered what other types of flight there were.)
6. Herbology (So THAT is what that book was for!)
7. Dinner (More food, good stuff for an 11 year old)
8. Free Time (Why was that listed like a class?)
Hanna Thorsdóttir
Hanna Thorsdóttir

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