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Dorm #3: A New Start

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Dorm #3: A New Start

Post by Hanna Thorsdóttir on Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:21 pm

After climbing eight floors of stairs, anyone would be tired of the experience, no matter how scenic the views are. That is what Hanna thought as she had clambered into the common room with the other First Years. After the Head of Nuage had finished calling out the names of the first years one by one, followed by their dorm number, they had walked into their dorms to find that their luggage and supplies were already there, and boy was there a lot! Hanna felt a slight twinge of sorrow for the poor stig who had to lug all of it up those stairs, magic or not, it was a lot.

Hanna was roomed with a Norwegian. Hanna was also firmly convinced that this was NOT an accident. The girl's name was Anne-Lise Brekke, and, in typical Norwegian fashion, had long blond hair, and blue eyes. not typical of Norwegians, or anyone else, really was the sheer quantity of talking she was doing. While Hanna was quite busy investigating the bed. With her face. Anne-Lise was jollily carrying on about this and that, obviously having had far too much sugar, or still having the nervous energy of the sorting with her.

After a short time the cheerful chiming of the friendly voice in the bed opposite subsided, replaced instead by the soft sound of breathing consistent with the other girl having burned through whatever energy she had, and having crashed and slept. This suited Hanna just fine, as while the conversation had been pleasant, if a bit one-sided, she was honestly ready to hit the hay and recharge. She knew that every minute of sleep would help her during the long hours of getting her bearings tomorrow. She lapsed into a thick, dark, dreamless sleep, the type that one gets while exhausted. Tomorrow was going to be tough, time to get ready.
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