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Andrea Ritter

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Andrea Ritter

Post by Minister Zaofu on Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:27 am

Month: December
Character's full name: Andrea Catrin Ritter
House: Cerisier
Clubs/Quidditch Position: Quidditch Announcer
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Family: Her parents died when she was seven and she lives with her Aunt Lisa, Uncle Erik and Cousin Dominick.
Pets: Her aunt doesn't allow pets but there is this stray cat Andrea sometimes talks to on the sly. Andrea has also considered sneaking in a pygmy puff since it'd be so easy to hide and feed.

Food: Apples and anything apple flavoured
Colour: Blue
Animal: Some sort of bird. Andrea isn't sure which one is her favourite but she loves watching how free they look when they fly.
Hobbies: Andrea doesn't have a favourite hobby. She changes hobbies far too often to stick to one.

Dream Job: Undecided
Dream House/Location to Live: Lucerne, Switzerland where she was born. She doesn't care about the type of house just so long as she can see the Lake from where she lives.
Family plans: To spend her holidays as much as she can with her favourite cousin. Andrea doesn't look any further into the future than the next lot of school holidays.

Misc. OOC Section:
What shape would their Patronus Take? A swallow
What memory would they use to trigger it? Sailing on Lake Lucerne with her parents
When faced with a Boggart, what form would it take? Humpty dumpty falling off the wall. It's a recurring dream which she's had ever since she was small and has taken on nightmarish proportions.
What would your character see in the Mirror of Erised? A trophy in her hands to celebrate some great achievement.
What is your favourite thing about your character? The way she can look so cheerful whilst feeling wretched inside.
Other information you would like to share: Andrea doesn't like to talk much about her parents and what her life with them was like. However, she does have as many nightmares about the last time she saw them as she does about Humpty Dumpty.
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