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And Now I Just Sit in Silence

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And Now I Just Sit in Silence

Post by Isobel Green on Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:31 am


I only care about one damn person at this school now, and that's Aidan, so there's the reasoning behind addressing everyone as him.

I didn't have any worthwhile adventures and I hardly have any advice. God, I hate this place. You can try to convince me to like it, but I honestly hated every minute of it. I walked into this school in tears, and I'll leave it the same. It was hell. Every second of it, it seemed like. From finding out that my brother didn't tell people I even existed to losing every Quidditch Cup when I led my team. But you know how I feel about that, Aidan. It's really worthless to go over it again. Well, I don't know if I mentioned that first fact, but know that I don't want to bring it up ever again.

I'm going to point out that as a teenager (myself included), you have so little perspective on the world. What matters at fifteen probably won't matter at age sixteen. Or at age twenty. Or at age thirty, or forty, or fifty. The mistakes you make now won't define you, so try anyway. You might learn something. To not learn something about yourself or about someone else or about the infinitely expanding universe we live in would be such a waste.

I may not be able to see my own future more than a few months at a time, but I can see your future, Aidan. Spoiler alert: It's bright and it's beautiful and you're going to do great things. It'll be bumpy, but it will turn out good.

Also, Aidan, I'm sorry that this letter sucks and it's so anti-climactic compared to the others. I don't know what I was expecting from this letter. I'm not that seer. You know, the seer with hella good advice. My good advice is, "stop being a freaking moron." It actually solves problems, though. But maybe offering it in that format is rude. Or maybe it's a masterpiece. Who knows?

Whatever. Back to you. I would have transferred or dropped out if you hadn't came along. So thank you. I was angry at you a while back for wrapping me around your finger, but I'm not angry anymore. I'm sorry it took so long. I owe you one, but don't get greedy.

I love you and I care what you think,

Isobel Sadie Green


~Auror~Seer~Aidan's Girlfriend~Wynter and Ryder's Aunt~

credit to accursed@tda
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