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Taking Control

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Taking Control

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:45 am

Annaliese wanted to get some practice in with the team, so she'd decided on a match with the team. Osmund was supposed to be planning these things, but he seemed to too infatuated with himself to really plan anything. She went ahead and got the team. The team divided into two different practice teams and dispersed. She'd been a little nervous since hurting her ankle at tryouts, but she thought she'd be okay.

Taking her broom and floating into the air and quickly took her spot near the goals so she could block the shots of the Chasers. She was ready, a new wave of determination had filled her since the accident with her ankle. This time would be different and she'd be ready for each shot. She wanted to take down the opposing team, no matter what!


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