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The Pawn and the Queen

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The Pawn and the Queen

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:30 am

Annaliese didn't really need anything particular. She just wanted some time to think and not have others around her. She knew that she shouldn't have spilled her past to anyone. It wasn't their business and they shouldn't be feeling sorry for her. Not like Osmund had been sorry for her, but still. She had always been pretty stable. Her aunt had been the one keeping her going...somewhat.

When she'd arrived after the tragedy, she'd been told she was a Montoya and tedious things like this shouldn't bother her. However, her family being slaughtered didn't seem so tedious, but even so she did as she was told. Keeping her family image up. Her aunt had things planned for her she'd wouldn't know about until they happened. She felt as though she had no control over her life. She was just a pawn on her aunt chess-board, just waiting for command.


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